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My Work

This is my best work that I'm proud to showcase, at the beginning of this year I decided to not do any work that doesn't meet my standards and to make the next project better than the last. Here are some of my accomplishments I'm proud of.

Tech Way is the first music video I have Produced and directed, This was shot in one day with all live football game action shots taken during a game. 


Ghost Light

Shot all in 1 day Ghost Light is a Short Horror for the Jakob Owens Horror Contest. Role: Production Sound Mixer and Gaffer


Everlast | Make it Happen

A 60-second spec commercial spot for Everlast, following a story about a father helping his son's dream come true. Role: Boom Operator, Gaffer.


Broken Lies

One of the hardest and longest shoots during the hottest points in the summer for an easy 17-hour shoot. Due to film competitions, this video cannot be public yet.


Words Unspoken

Film and edited in NYC in 48 hours for the AAHSFF along with AT&T and the Tyler Clementi to bring awareness to cyberbullying and online risky behavior.