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About me.

I did not take this photo but I think it looks cool.

Hi, My name is Max DeRoin i'm a film maker well i'm not sure. For film I have focused my area in visual effects and editing, and i'm constantly learning new things everyday. I grew up in West Coast Florida, attended charter and public schools but I have taught myself everything I know about technology and the film making industry from the internet. In October of 2016 9 other students and I flew to New York to make a film in 48 hours about cyber bullying and online risky behavior. I took the lead of Visual Effects Supervisor and Colorist, since the trip I have learned a lot about the film industry and what the environment is like on set. Oh I also learned how important networking is. I'm not good with making my own autobiography but i'm good at stuff and things, that has some how become my moto. Hi, My name is Max DeRoin and I make stuff and things. Gee don't I sound great?

Brooksville, Florida USA